Passenger FAQ


Here are answer to common questions passengers may have prior to arriving at the Eastern Iowa Airport. Go here for additional information about security procedures.

How early should I arrive at the Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) for a flight departures?

It’s recommend that passengers arrive at The Eastern Iowa Airport at least 90 minutes prior to their scheduled departure time.

What am I allowed to carry on board an aircraft?

The FAA allows passengers to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item, such as a briefcase or purse. This applies to all airlines. You should contact your airline to find out carry-on luggage size requirements.

Is assistance available to help with my luggage once I arrive?

SkyCaps are on site to provide help passengers with luggage and/or valet service. For valet service, just ask a SkyCap to park your vehicle while you take your luggage and check in at your airline ticket counter. The SkyCap will bring you your keys before you board your flight, along with a small map showing you where your vehicle is parked. When you return from your trip, you can choose to get your vehicle yourself, or you can ask a SkyCap to retrieve your vehicle and bring it to curbside. Cost to park the vehicle is $5 and cost to retrieve your vehicle is $5.

The Airport has also installed Smarte Carts, or personal luggage carts. There is a unit in the long-term parking lot and near the baggage claim area in the terminal. A person deposits $2 to unlock a cart from the machine. Upon the return of the cart to a machine, 25 cents is refunded to the user.

What does it cost to check baggage?

Baggage fees are established by each individual airline and not The Eastern Iowa Airport. To find out the cost to check baggage contact your airline.

What should I do if an airline loses my luggage?

If your luggage is delayed, lost or damaged contact your airline before you leave the airport. The Aviation Consumer Protection and Enforcement agency recommends putting items that you need during the first day of the trip in a carry-on bag in case of lost or delayed luggage.

The agency offers these tips if your baggage does not arrive on time

  • Insist that the airline fill out a form and give you a copy, even if they say the bag will be in on the next flight.
  • Get the agent’s name and an appropriate telephone number for following up.
  • Before leaving the airport, ask the airline if they will deliver the bag without charge when it’s found. Also ask about an advance or reimbursement for any items you must buy while your bag is missing.

Another resource:

What am I allowed to pack in my checked or carry on luggage?

The Transportation Security Administration offers these tips for packing luggage you will take with to the Eastern Iowa Airport:

Carry-on baggage is a small piece of luggage you keep with you in the cabin of the aircraft.  You are allowed one carry-on in addition to one personal item such as a laptop computer, purse, small backpack, briefcase, or camera case.

TSA will screen any carry-on baggage that fits through the x-ray machine; however, it is up to each individual airline as to whether the baggage fits the size restrictions for your flight. Check with the air carrier prior to proceeding through the security checkpoints.

Always keep your belongings in sight during screening . You are responsible for your property as it proceeds through the screening process.

Checked baggage is luggage you check in at the ticket counter or curbside. It will not be accessible during your flight.  TSA is mandated by Federal law to screen 100% of checked baggage. Bags may need to be opened during this process.

Tips for packing luggage:

  • Do not pack jewelry, cash, computers, electronics, or fragile items in your checked baggage.
  • Pack shoes, boots, sneakers, and other footwear on top of other contents in your luggage.
  • Avoid over packing your bag so that your articles do not spill onto the ground if the bag is opened for inspection and the screener will be able to easily reseal it.
  • Avoid packing food and drink items.
  • Don’t stack piles of books or documents on top of each other; spread them out within your baggage.
  • Do not pack or bring prohibited items to the airport.
  • Don’t pack medicine that you need in checked luggage.
  • To avoid loss or confusion between your item and that of another passenger, place identification tags with your name, address and phone number on all of your baggage, including your laptop computer. It is a good idea to place an identification tag inside your baggage as well.
  • Before arriving at the airport, check with your airline or travel agent to determine the airline’s baggage policy, including number of pieces you can bring and size and weight limitations.
  • Place personal items such as toiletries, toothbrushes etc. in clear plastic bags to reduce the chance that a TSA screener will have to handle them.
  • Do not pack wrapped gifts. They may need to be opened for inspection.

Additional information is also available at the FAA Pack Safe Website.

What does it cost to park at the Eastern Iowa Airport?

Parking at the Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) is easy and convenient  Short and long-term parking is directly adjacent to the Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) terminal building. For complete parking rates, go here.

How can I book a flight out of the Eastern Iowa Airport?

Book a flight our of the Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) is an easy process with this online tool. The Eastern Iowa Airport offers non-stop flights to top destinations like Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, Tampa, Detroit, Orlando and Atlanta.